City Parking Difficulties For Hockey Parents

By Dean Lapierre

Special to The Square

(WINDSOR, ON) – I would like to take this time to inform you about an issue that Windsor Minor Hockey Association (WMHA) is having with the City  of Windsor because  of parking regulations at the Windsor Arena.

WMHA use a lot of ice, at different arenas throughout the City, to run our program.  Included in that usage is the ice pad at Windsor Arena. Herein lies the problem.

At the Forest Glade, South Windsor & WFCU Arenas the parents of the WMHA do not have to pay to park their vehicles in order to watch their children play this great game of ours.  Unfortunately, if your child happens to be in a program that uses the ice at Windsor Arena, you are not so lucky. The parking lots in the area of Windsor Arena, including Windsor Water World, are Pay & Display.

And that is where the unfairness comes in. Why should some parents be forced to pay extra money while others do not merely because of where their  children play?

The extra cost for parking over the course of a WMHA season adds up to a major problem for many families. 

But there are some practical problems too.  Many people  do not always carry cash in order to buy parking time. Naturally enough the parking officers always seem to be hanging around this area waiting to hand out tickets to these hocley parents.

WMHA pays close to a half million dollars to the City for ice rental each and every season. WMHA feels that all our hockey parents should be treated fairly by the City by receiving a  parking pass for city-owned arenas.

A simple solution for the City would be to give the parents whose children play at Windsor Arena (and only those parents) one parking pass per family.

It seems like an easy and common sense answer, and one that makes it fair for everyone!

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2 Comments on "City Parking Difficulties For Hockey Parents"

  1. I hope the city isn’t going to be stupid enough and try to convince us that it is because of Windsor Water World.

    It’s the only pool that you have to pay for parking and on top of it, I can’t see why when you register, they can’t hand out a parking pass to everyone that has to play at the “Barn” regularly.

    It’s this stupidity that causes parents to get frustrated and take their kids out of hockey. Then again, this is that same city that closed Adstoll arena when there isn’t enough ice as it is.

  2. hockeymomof2 | 8 February 2011 at 23:21 |

    Glad to see someone finally stepping up on this issue, it has been getting expensive and we are there every other week.

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