Golden State, Cavs Finals Meeting

(OAKLAND, CA) – It’s history in the making, no matter the outcome of the NBA’s final series between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers. After both teams were down 3-2 in their respective semi-final series, it can be viewed as a predestined meeting to take care of unfinished business between their franchises and top-rated stars.

It will be the first time in the history of the NBA, NHL, MLB, and NFL that the same two teams will play each other in four consecutive championship finals.

Game 1 of this record-setting contest will take place at 9pm tomorrow in Oakland.

As far as the stars, the ongoing personal clash between  will pit two-time Naismith Trophy winner and twice-over NBA Champion Stephen Curry at LeBron James and his three championships in 7 consecutive trips to the finals.

Golden State is much better on paper in terms of qualitative team play, especially given Kevin Durant’s high productivity and strong health down the stretch. The Cavs’ Kevin Love is out on concussion protocol. In fact, with Durant averaging 29ppg for the Warriors during the playoffs, many NBA watchers believe him to be the one to watch for the Warriors,  more so than Curry.

However, by the numbers James currently stands alone as the first and only player to reach 600 points, 160 assists, 150 rebounds, and 30 threes in a single play-off season.

As for the remaining starters, with Kyrie Irving no longer a strong wing man for the Cavs, Cleveland will be relying on role players such as Jeff Green and George Hill. Fortunately for Cleveland, Golden State’s Curry  will be without his secondary play maker, Andre Igoudala, to start the series, due to a knee injury.

Because of the amount of offense demanded of James vs Curry and Durant, and injuries incurred by regular starters, the series will ultimately come down to defense, role players, and bench production. That recalls the notable Kurt “Superman” Rambis, of the Lakers, Maxwell Jones, of the Celtics, Andrew Toney, with Philadalphia, and Vinney “The Microwave” Johnson, from the Pistons “Bad Boys”.

Hang on to your seats, come what may. This will be a series for the ages.


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