Windsor Classic On The Drive

By Trevor Whaling

(WINDSOR, ON) – There are many of us who are no doubt disappointed with the cancellation of the Winter Classic that was to be held in just over a months time across the border between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Detroit Red Wings. We intend to do something about it.

Click here to registerThis December 28th and 29th on Riverside Drive between Ferry Street and Ouellette Avenue, Red Wings fans and Leafs fans will face-off for The Downtown Mission.

The Windsor Classic is a 2 day street hockey event allowing players aged 5 and up, of all skill levels, to take it to the streets and play against their hockey rivals. Each player, for a $10.00 registration fee, can choose to represent either the Red Wings or Maple Leafs. Each player has the opportunity to fundraise and donate non-perishable food items for fantastic prizes. Each $10 in donations raised will earn the player a draw ballot for some really great prizes. Each player that reaches a minimum of $100.00 in donations will also receive a collectable Windsor Classic T-Shirt.

One cumulative score between Leafs fans and Wings fans will be kept over the 2 day event. We will also be keeping score of which fan base has brought in the most donations.

In addition we will be hosting a bottle drive and used hockey equipment drive. Please bring your holiday empties and any used hockey equipment that we can sterilize and pass back into our community for those in need.

Each team will consist of 8 players (max) and 1 goalie.

Players can register as an individual, as a full team, or for a full game (by special request). Each player must choose to represent the Leafs or Wings. Sorry to the other fans out there. Represent the team that you dislike the least… you never know, you just might like how the jersey fits!

Teams will be placed together per age group, unless otherwise indicated for “family” games.

Which fans are the best? Leafs vs. Wings! Let’s take it to the streets!

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