Great Entertainment For The Dollar

DeAndre Thomas is seen in a file photo against the Mississauga Power at the WFCU Centre. Photo by Ian Shalapata.

By Alex Cameron

(WINDSOR, ON) – I got to watch the Xpress home opener last night and I was not disappointed. It’s really a shame that this team hasn’t received the attention that it deserves. I think it’s a team who is well deserving of media attention- I see opportunity there.

The players suit the Windsor brand: their fast, rough, and no-nonsense style of play is very similar to our style of hockey. They’re not afraid to mix it up.

Within the first minute of play DeAndre Thomas, who stands like a tank, had knocked two London players to the ground and was having words with a third. In fact we watched all night as he (we nick-named him “Big T”) had words with most of the other team while palming the ball above the opposition with one hand.

This is not the best picture- but it illustrates how big this guy is (under the backboard-slightly left).

Stefan Bonneau, Kevin Loiselle, Chris Commons, and Oppong also caught our attention. Not for their size but for their skill, speed, and fitness. These boys are fast and they work well together. I can only imagine how they will improve as they work together over the season.

It’s good ball and it’s worth taking the family out for a game.

As you can see, they have some seats available, and the parking is a lot better than it is for Spits games.

The concession line-ups are shorter too. These Xpress games come without any of the hassles (parking, long concession lines) that are common complaints with other venues at the WFCU. For the record we walked in at 6:45pm, tip off was at 7:00pm, and we were out of the parking lot by 9:40pm after watching the whole game to the end. We even chit-chatted with some friends on the way out.

I think you should spent $20 and go see a game.


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