Super Bowl Sunday Still On The Calendar


By Jessica Faught

(WINDSOR, ON) – The Super Bowl plans of postponement are now unlikely according to Sunday’s weather forecast, there is one thing that is sure, this will be the coldest Super Bowl on record. The days leading up to the famous event are predicted to have brutal temperatures.

There has been no more talk of postponement, rather more emphasis has been placed on educating the public of the weather so they can make adequate apparel preparation. Kick-off temperatures are predicted to be 30 degrees Fahrenheit with a strong wind chill factor which will make feel like like 20.

Frank Supovitz, NFL’s Super Bowl head of events, had confirmed that there were concrete plans on the table to postpone the Super Bowl XLVIII to the following Saturday, Monday, or a later date. However, at the same time the NFL are doing everything they can to ensure this doesn’t happen.

They also have made an aggressive attempt to fight the undesirable weather. The plans were that should they chose to keep the same Super Bowl date, they will have gloves, hand warmers, ear muffs, lip balms, and facial tissues at every seat inside MetLife Stadium. There will be twice as many workers to do snow removal than during a regular season game, which is 1,000.

They’ll all be armed with the Bad Boy snow remover which can remove 600,000 tons of snow per hour.

Should they go through will plans, MetLife Stadium conducted a dress rehearsal to prep for the meanest of Polar Vortex weather, which included 18 hours to get the stadium ready. The NFL’s Dave Price says they did it in time.

As of Sunday at 1:00 pm, Price says that the good news is that there is no storm heading New Jersey’s way on the day. However, this doesn’t change his concerns about the wind chill. Price is jestingly calling this year’s Super Bowl ” The Contingency Bowl” .

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  1. Playing in snow, rain. or cold it’s all part of the game to postpone the game is ridiculous, these players are well paid and are not little kids. The fans look forward to the Super Bowl and they are the ones that support their teams, with the high cost of tickets.

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