Pacquiao Vs Mayweather On Facebook

Tasteful imagery from Manny Paquiao's Facebook page.Contributed image.

Tasteful imagery from Manny Pacquiao’s Facebook page.
Contributed image.

Header-image-StephenBy Robert K. Stephen

(TORONTO, ON) – Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao is the next big boxing match on the horizon. Manny is a Philippine hero, rising from extreme poverty to be a champion in eight different weight divisions. Absolutely remarkable.

Pacquiao seems to have hit stardom then become snared in a little gambling and booze. But he found God and now sits as a Philippine Congressman.

Floyd Mayweather in bed with consumerism and excess.Contributed image.

Floyd Mayweather in bed with consumerism and excess.
Contributed image.

Quite frankly put, he is a national hero in a nation that lacks heroes.

Mayweather perhaps beats Manny’s 57/5 record with his 47/0, but one might say he is due for a defeat. The Pacquiao-Mayweather fight of 2010 was cancelled with allegations of Manny using performance enhancing drugs, but the case was settled in 2012 with the Mayweather corner saying that they never intended to claim that Pacquiao has used, or is using, any PED’s.

My take there is bad blood between Pacquiao and Mayweather, which makes for a dramatic fight with high revenue.

The hype is so big the money will be enormous.

Mayweather appears to have a huge lust for a lavish lifestyle and Pacquiao a huge tax debt to pay, so there is no doubt the fight will occur.

Having neither met nor talked to either of these boxers, I am untainted by personal connections or charm or, for that matter, choice ringside seats. I have seen Pacquiao wallop Chris Algieri this last November, but I have yet to see a Mayweather fight. He has announced his retirement so many times, does he exist?

Their boxing, agility, and skills can only be put to the test by an actual match, which is inevitable.

For Manny, it would appear the vibe I am getting is pride while with Floyd, an insatiable streak of consumerism, status, and self aggrandizement.

Now, bear in mind, this is only my opinion derived from looking at each fighter’s Facebook page.

Mayweather sums up the essence of his Facebook page.

Yachts, private jets, foreign cars, mansions, unlimited shopping sprees, and I am just getting started! I spoke to God last night and I asked: “Is there a problem with how this lavish KING is living down here on earth?” and God said: “NO it was already predestined.”

Here is a man so full of himself it is difficult to even scroll through his Facebook page.

Mayweather’s page focuses on lavish consumption and status symbols of wealth, whether it is a gaudy picture of him lying in his bed with a pile of cash, showing his private car collection, expensive watches, racks of sunglasses, his son’s 15th birthday Bentley golf cart, his son playing football on the tarmac surrounded by private jets, or shots from the cabin of his private jet.

Mayweather’s image is money and its trappings. He states when he travels he carries no bags.

I shop when I get there.

His self-indulgence continues with his offer to take you through his mansion on Twitter. Need to snuggle closer to Mayweather? Go online to buy Mayweather hats, clothes, and accessories. For Mayweather, the image is money, glitz, and status.

Why would he post that he just spent $6,200,000 for three cars?

It would also appear, from a few videos on his FB page, he likes to watch a bit of booty shaking and he likes his booty particularly large. He also tells us that he hears traffic is a bitch in LA, but he has a helicopter to take him to and fro.

Contempt for the common man?

The image created by Mayweather`s Facebook page reeks of greed, money, diamond encrusted watches, large-bottomed girls, and very little of boxing. His record indicates he is not a boxer to be trifled with, however his Facebook page is indicative of a loss of focus and lapse into lavish consumption and softness.

Conversely, the Pacquiao Facebook page only has a mere 6,006,109 likes in comparison to Mayweather’s 8,903,995. But, for human to human connections, I will take Manny’s FB over Floyd’s.

Yes there are girls in scantily clad clothes on his page, but all in an innocent 1950’s pinup girl mode. There are no videos showing booty shaking. It’s all rather innocent except of course for the rogue posters of Russian and Eastern European porn and their nefarious links.

Yes there are links to The Ultimate Boxing Store where you can buy Manny merchandise. Also, there are so many links to Manny’s manger, Top Rank Boxing, one is left with the impression this is not Manny speaking but his management.

As repulsive as Mayweather’s FB page is, you are left with the impression this is the real Floyd. With Manny’s, it all seems to be boxing and titillating to the extent you like non-booty shaking girls. It’s all highly manufactured and, one wonders, what powers or interest Manny has over his page.

It would appear Manny is tightly controlled by Top Rank and his managers while Mayweather is controlled by his bursting ego, and perhaps his financial damnation by his insatiable greed for consumerist orgasm. If his booty can’t quell him perhaps his diamond studded Rolex will.

At least with Manny we get a sense of boxing history, even paying some respect to his opponents.

There are fight pictures, pictures of Manny and his fans, Manny the boxer, and lots of Top Rank video fight links. In fact, the scantily clad girls appear to be more of an invention of Top Rank, than anything else, because they also appear on the Top Rank website.

All said and done, while Mayweather’s FB page may be somewhat repulsive in its boasting of consumerist fetish, at least it seems like its Mayweather and his ego that controls the content. With Pacquiao, it leaves one with a highly managed impression, but at least respectable and decent.

Manny seems intent on boxing while Mayweather on the power of the dollar. Mayweather’s FB page is some adolescent’s dream. Pacquiao’s is that of a fighter intent on winning.

Top Rank blows away Mayweather’s The Money Group.

Let’s skip the bullshit, and end this PR crap, with a fight. Mayweather is so lost in his past success, his lust for money dictates a fight with Pacquiao. I’ll be cheering for Manny.

If we are talking about FB pages, Mayweather has been blown way off course, he’s heading for the reef.


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