Women Ride On May 7

(TORONTO, ON) – Passion and enthusiasm will fuel thousands of motorcycles piloted by women as they take to the world’s roads on May 7 for the 10th edition of the International Female Ride Day. International Female Ride Day is a global ride day occurring yearly on the first Saturday of May.

Across all cultures, the event brings women together through the common platform of motorcycling, no matter the form or style. The event highlights and profiles the many women who ride while shifting preconceived perceptions of motorsport for women.

IFRD has developed an on-going momentum throughout its ten year rise, building to activities for the one day synchronized ride day event.

Serbia, Ireland, Canada, and India are on the long list of countries joining in unison to Just Ride, the event’s theme, on May 7. The event ignites female rider camaraderie, builds awareness for motorcycling, and inspires others to take up the sport.

The world’s largest women’s motorcycle ride day, and the 10th edition, will assemble motorcycling’s diverse women riders across all borders, ages, brands, experiences, and styles.

The significance IFRD plays in the lives of women riders, and to the expansion of women and motorcycling, has been a game changer to the activity.

A decade ago, women riders in countries such as Hungary, South Africa, or Australia, to name but a few, were nameless. Through the calling IFRD has made to the planet’s female riders, and to the role of every woman enjoying motorcycling, an extensive network has been revealed of motorcycle aficionados.

Clubs and friendships have formed and history was made when, in 2008, the first-ever group of women riders rode through the streets of Tel Aviv, all as a result of this phenomenal action led by women who ride.

IFRD continues to be a prime influencer to the global motorsport industry. Its popularity underlines the strength and importance of this market segment. IFRD has grown to be a platform through which the industry continues to speak and reach out to women riders.

IFRD makes one request of women; Just Ride. Get on your bikes, be out there, and be visible.

The decennial celebrations will set another record of the event’s prominence as thousands of rider participants join in unity around the world. It continues to ride forward women’s involvement in motorsport.

A movement, to which it’s often referred, has become not only unstoppable but a must in every woman rider’s agenda.


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