Intermediate Warlocks Dominate Wallaceburg

Mighton-Header(WALLACEBURG, ON) – Deep into their season, the Windsor Warlocks intermediate lacrosse club have extended their record to five wins and two ties. The Warlocks went undefeated in their five game series with the Wallaceburg Griffins.

Windsor capped off the run with a win and a tie in Wallaceburg’s own backyard at the beginning of the month. A weekend later, Windsor rode up to Wingham to lash the North Perth Outlaws and Stayner Hitmen in a one-day tourney, hosted by the Outlaws.

As of June 23, the Warlocks are the only ranked intermediate squad in Ontario with an undefeated record.

On June 4, the Warlocks headed to Wallaceburg for the fourth and fifth games of their best-of-five series. In a pair of heated affairs, the Warlocks clinched bragging rights and then some. Going into the weekend, Windsor led their seasonal pairing 2-0 with a tie.

Drew Denomey got the ball rolling early for the Warlocks, scoring only five minutes into the morning game. With a minute to go in the first, Reece Seguin would snipe for the Griffins to draw the game 1-all into the intermission.

Dalton Enns winds up for a howitzer against Wallaceburg on May 25.Photo by Devan Mighton.

Dalton Enns winds up for a howitzer against Wallaceburg on May 25.
Photo by Devan Mighton.

Denomey struck again minutes into the middle frame to get his team up 2-1. Then, with a little over four minutes remaining in the second, Dalton Enns popped a ball past Wallaceburg’s Brett Santsche to extend the Windsor lead. Santsche took exception to Enns’s good fortune and jumped him while he celebrated.

The situation devolved from there, leading to a fight between Santsche and Warlocks tender Carter Whelpley at centre. Both goalies were ejected from the game after landing some big shots and wrestling to the floor.

The Warlocks sniped again with two minutes remaining, as Denomey pick up the hatty and gave his team a three-goal spread. The assist on Denomey’s goal went to Matt Fraser.

Wallaceburg shortened the lead early in the third when Preston Whiteye dented the mesh behind Warlocks goalie Austin Agocs. Windsor put the final nail in the coffin with a minute remaining when Enns lit the lamp again, with helpers going to Fraser and Agocs.

Whelpley obtained the win in net for his team as he and Agocs split a shutout period in the second.

Coach Greg Sweetman was not impressed with the officiating in the game.

“[Santsche] comes out and challenges Whelps, the refs stand back and watch it all happen,” he said. “What a joke. Whelps broke a knuckle [and is] out for two weeks.”

However, Sweetman was happy with both his goalies’ efforts.

“Austin [Agocs] stepped in and didn’t miss a beat,” Sweetman said. “[We have] two good goalies. It’s a dream.”

The coach also felt that Denomey had a monster day in Wallaceburg.

“[Drew] stepped up today [and] scored three for us,” he explained. “He’s got good hands, good touch, and works real hard.”

Windsor’s Tyler Fraser goes toe-to-toe with Anthony Vandevenne of the Griffins on May 25.Photo by Devan Mighton.

Windsor’s Tyler Fraser goes toe-to-toe with Anthony Vandevenne of the Griffins on May 25.
Photo by Devan Mighton.

With the series clinched, a meaningless final game that day resulted in a 5-5 tie.

Windsor set the tone early as Matt Fraser drove to the net and hammered down a 1-zip lead. With six minutes remaining in the opening frame, the Griffins answered back with a snipe from Whiteye.

In the second, Wallaceburg would come out hard early, finding the net twice in the first half. Scoring for the Griffins were Whiteye and Anthony Vendevenne.

Not to be outdone, Dalton Enns lit the lamp with four minutes left in the act to shorten the lead. With just a minute remaining, Wallaceburg’s Colton Hart fired at the net and found purchase behind Agocs.  The Griffins went into the break with a modest 4-2 lead.

Wallaceburg extended their advantage to three, less than a minute into the final stanza, as Colton Hart sniped again.

Junior Labelle served as the spark plug for Windsor, wiring a shot past the Griffins’ goalie with eleven minutes remaining in the game. Labelle’s teammates built on his goal.

The road warriors battled hard and were rewarded, with four minutes remaining, by a blast from Denomey. Windsor pushed harder, keeping Wallaceburg pinned down for the final minutes.

With 37 seconds on the clock, Wade Riley rifled the ball from the top of the shooting circle and off the end glass behind the Griffins’ net. The ball rebounded back, smoked the goalie, and rolled into the net.

The game ended knotted at 5.

For his efforts, Justin Jolly was awarded a pair of assists, while Riley, Denomey, Fraser Nelson, Matt Masschaele, and Alec Brown gained single helpers.

Agocs and Wallaceburg’s CJ Gibson took the tie between the pipes.

After the game, coach Sweetman complimented the play of Dalton Enns and Wade Riley.

Dalton Enns winds up for a howitzer against Wallaceburg on May 25.Photo by Devan Mighton.

Dalton Enns winds up for a howitzer against Wallaceburg on May 25.
Photo by Devan Mighton.

“Dalton has been putting the ball in the lately,” he explained. “He started the season off slow, but now the guys are seeing what he can do. We’re real happy with Wade. We picked him up late. He knows the game and does all the little things right.”

A week later on June 12, the Intermediates travelled north and engaged two teams from out of zone; the North Perth Outlaws and Stayner Hitmen.

In the evening game, the Warlocks met their hosts, the Outlaws. In a feisty game, in which the teams combined for 77 penalty minutes, the Intermediates walked away with a 5-1 victory.

Darian Delisle got things going late in the opening stanza for Windsor, on a pass from Enns. North Perth answered late in the frame with a goal from their captain, Brody Grummett.

Rain Van Dusen scored early in the middle frame with help from Delisle and Jake Van Noggeren. Soon after, Labelle got the ball to Delisle, who extended the lead.

Before the period could end, Van Dusen struck again, from Van Noggeren, taking the game into the break.

In the third, Delisle completed his hat trick with Windsor’s only goal of the period; helpers going to Van Noggeren and Riley.

“North Perth had size,” said Sweetman. “This one got real physical. They had a full bench, but couldn’t keep up; not much for speed. We double-teamed and stripped the ball [from them] left and right.”

Brendan Quimby looks for a stretch pass on May 25, 2016.Photo by Devan Mighton.

Brendan Quimby looks for a stretch pass on May 25, 2016.
Photo by Devan Mighton.

Darian Delisle was on the coach’s radar after the win.

“Darian got hot,” stated Sweetman. “He’s a true lacrosse player. [He’s] still young, but he does things that you can’t teach. [Rain Van Dusen] really stood out today. [He’s] mature, with lots of experience. He does everything right.”

In the morning game, the Warlocks defeated Stayner 4-1. Agocs picked up both wins in net and totalled four shutout periods on the day.

“Agocs only let in two goals all day,” commented Sweetman. “[He] made some nice passes to stretch the floor. He’s a veteran; talks to his defense and guides them. The guys trust him.”

The Intermediate’s next home games will be a doubleheader on July 9 at Forest Glade Arena. Game times are 4:00pm and 7:00pm.


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