Rogues Edged Out By Norfolk

(WATERFORD, ON) – Beating the Norfolk Harvesters on their own turf, after making the long drive to Waterford, has proven elusive for many teams. This game was no easier than any other the Windsor Rogues have had against the home side.

It was a tough, physical battle pitting the large aggressive veterans of Norfolk against the smaller yet highly disciplined backs of the Rogues. Although the Harvesters managed 2 more tries than the Rogues, captain Spencer Bryant employed his pro-level kicking skills to put Windsor’s score within a respectable 8 points of the Norfolk’s 33. Bryant, of Australia, easily managed 2 conversions and 2 penalty kicks.

Few teams have fared this well with Norfolk over the past few seasons. The Rogues and Essex-Windsor have a lot to be proud of. Veteran Windsor players Scott Murphy and Peter Oomen battled their way to a try apiece while the small and lightning fast Patrick Manyewe, of Zimbabwe, shot through the openings to gain a try of his own.

The result of the 33-25 loss leaves Windsor in 2nd place in the Niagara Rugby Union men’s B Division with 20 points, 5 back of Norfolk and 5 up on Stratford after 5 matches.

Windsor’s next two games will be on the road, July 15 at Bruce County and July 22 in Stratford, before returning home on July 29 to host London St George at 1:30pm.


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