Rogues Are Dragons In The Face Of St George

(WINDSOR, ON) – With the Rogues standing at 6-2-0 and London St George at 0-7-0 it was no surprise that the Windsor boys racked up a high score. Needless to say, a try is a try and it is always exciting to see our boys propel themselves into the try zone.

Windsor Rogues 83 : 10 London St George

Nine of the 13 tries on the afternoon were quickly followed up by kicker Gord Sykstus, handily floating the ball between the uprights for the conversions. It wasn’t enough, however, for Sykstus to kick 9 conversions. He wanted to down the ball in the try zone and bagged one of his own.

Veterans Patrick Manyewe (3), of Zimbabwe, Kory Bremner (3), and Zac Cushing (2) wowed the crowed with multiple tries, some coming only after a spirited sprint down the pitch for 40 to 50 yards.

The Rookies were on display as well as they played above expectations. Coach Demi Priestyeski made sure they too had the chance to shine and please the fans.

Jack Bondy, Ryan Storey, Dante Moceri, and Aidan Wiebenga each managed to find a narrow opening in the St George line and dodge and dart their way to the try zone turf, picking up a try apiece.

Disappointing for the London fans, but exciting for the home town crowd.

Windsor continues to trail Norwich in the NRU B Division. The Harvesters narrowly defeated the Kent Havoc 40-31 to remain 10 points up on the Rogues. Windsor will now travel to Chatham on August 12 to face the Havoc as Norfolk is home to Stratford.

A season finale showdown between the two clubs will then ensue on August 19 when the Harvesters arrive in town for meeting at AKO Park at 1:30pm.


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