The Complete NBLC Draft Selections

(WINDSOR, ON) – Following a second full day of testing and scrimmaging at St Clair College, the National Basketball League of Canada wrapped up the 2017 Combine. Over 140 professional players, and those hoping to be, received hands-on instruction and concise advice from league coaches and trainers throughout the weekend.

And while just 21 Combine participants were selected during the Sunday evening draft, it doesn’t spell the end of the road for the remaining players. Many will still be identified for future consideration by the 10-team league and could still receive a call through the season.


Round 1

  1. St John’s Edge, Aaron Williams, 6’ 6”
  2. Island Storm (from Niagara), Zach Valliere, 6’ 10”, Fitchburg State
  3. Cape Breton Highlanders, Duke Mondy, 6’ 4”, Oakland
  4. Moncton Magic, Steven Toyloy, 6’ 8”, Cincinnati
  5. Niagara River Lions (from Orangeville), Matt Hart, 6’ 1”, Washington
  6. Island Storm, Torrence Dyck, 6’ 7”, Daemen
  7. Windsor Express (from Moncton), Edmund McRae, 7’ 0”, Albany
  8. Saint John Riptide, Cleon Roberts, 6’ 6”, LaSalle
  9. Windsor Express, Andrew Hayles, 6’ 5”, Alabama State,
  10. Halifax Hurricanes, Shawn Amiker Jr, 6’ 5”, Youngstown State
  11. London Lightning, Bright Mensah, 6’ 3”, William Patterson

Round 2

  1. St John’s Edge, Zach Gordon, 6’ 8”, Cal Poly-SLO
  2. Windsor Express (trade with Niagara), Jean-Rony Cadot, 6’ 6”, TCU
  3. Cape Breton Highlanders Demarcus Harrison, 6’ 7”, Clemson
  4. Kitchener-Waterloo Titans, Willie Conner, 6’ 5”, Buffalo
  5. Windsor Express (from Island Storm), Robert Ukawuba, 6’ 4”, NJIT
  6. Kitchener-Waterloo Titans, Georges Serresse, 6’ 3”, Laurentian
  7. Saint John Riptide, Kyle Steward, 6’ 8”, UMKC
  8. Windsor Express, James Johnson, 6’ 5”, Culver Stockton
  9. Halifax Hurricanes, Daryl Hunter, 6′ 4″
  10. London Lightning, Boyd Vassell, 5’ 9”

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