Tom Schinkelshoek 1942-2018


Tom Schinkelshoek.

Sad news in the local sports world. Thursday, local hockey volunteer Tom Schinkelshoek passed away.

Tom was a big part of the Kingsville Kings hockey club and formerly an executive with the Kingsville Comets and Chatham Maroons.

Tom, himself, was a hockey player and also dabbled in lacrosse in Chatham.

I have been covering the Kingsville Kings for Square Sports for almost three years and had many wonderful conversations with Tom. The most interesting, to me anyways, was his short time as a lacrosse player.

When he was in his late teens, Tom told me, he had been recruited by the Chatham lacrosse team. He didn’t know how to play, but found it fascinating and tried his best to learn.

Due to his late start, and being a fairly tough hockey player, they elected to make Tom the lacrosse team’s tough guy.

Either way, he ended up playing a playoff game in Windsor and got into a tussle with Medo Martinello, somebody for whom Tom seemed to have great admiration.

Apparently, it was quite the tussle for him to be recalling it so many years later.

Long story short, Tom had to be escorted out of Adstoll Arena and his coach told him it might be better if he didn’t attend the next game in Windsor.

Thanks for the stories.

Rest in Peace Tom.


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